How To Safely Use a Waist Trainer

How To Safely Use a Waist Trainer

If you’ve heard of waist training and the fabulousresults it can produce for reshaping your body, you may be interested in trying it out yourself!

However, you may be wondering… how safe is the practice of wearing a corset for hours each day?

Today, let’s discuss how to safely use a waist trainer to achieve the results you’re looking for!

Waist training: is it safe?

As with everything, taking a practice to the extreme can be dangerous for your health. Even being on a healthy diet that’s too restrictive or over-exercising are usually healthy practices that, in excess, can have negative consequences on your body and mentality!

When there is negativity spun around waist training, the majority of it is regarding the dangers associated with wearing the compression corset.

You’ve likely heard of these worries; from compressing your organs to impacting your breathing, there’s a significant amount of bad press that warns you not to take wearing a waist trainer lightly.

These potential negatives are certainly not to be dismissed - they can be significantly alleviated by using the waist trainer appropriately as intended.

Where others go wrong

Some women, in an attempt to achieve maximum results for waist shaping in the shortest amount of time, make bad decisions when it comes to waist training.

These women may get a corset that is ill fitting, made of sub-optimal materials and provides a false promise of faster-than-usual results.

However, getting a waist trainer that fits well and gradually reducing the size of your trainer at a comfortable pace is absolutely essential.

When a waist trainer that is too small is used in an attempt to achieve faster results, this can cause increased pressure on abdominal organs or bruising on the ribs. It may even produce more serious consequences for organ function or rib cage placement.

A waist trainer should fit your body with a small amount of compression to begin with. There should be no associated folds in the skin that were not there prior to waist training, and it should be pain-free, apart from a slight discomfort, which is not due to the garment, but due to the change in your posture and smoothing out of your midsection.

Additionally, the transition to a smaller waistline should be gradual. Although you will notice an apparent change the moment you put on a waist trainer, it should not be so drastic that you are unable to maintain wearing the corset and, you should not force yourself to wear it for long durations during the first few times of use.

The more time you devote to gradually reducing your waist size and comfortably wearing the corset for increased durations of time, the longer the effects will last and the safer the waist training process will be while eliminating the potential for negative effects.

How to safely use a waist trainer

The first step to safely using a waist trainer is to select the best size for your body. Ensure you are selecting a size that causes you to feel compression and discomfort - but never pain. The trainer should be tight to put on, but not cause the skin to fold underneath it.

Additionally, you should feel this compression and discomfort on the largest setting of the waist trainer. This size will allow you to get the most out of your trainer and slim your waist gradually by switching to smaller settings.

The second step is to start off by wearing your waist trainer for no more than 2-3 hours per day. If you feel like you could wear the trainer all day to begin with, it’s probably too big for you. On the other hand, if you’re feeling high discomfort or experiencing bruising after wearing, you may want to switch to a larger size.

After a few days, once you feel more comfortable wearing the waist trainer for a few hours, you can slowly increase the time you wear it for each day. Eventually, you can work your way up to wearing it all day or overnight.

Once you’ve reached the point where you can wear the trainer for long durations and it does not feel overly tight or uncomfortable, it’s time to switch to a smaller setting. You’ll likely need to cut the duration down to suit your comfort levels.

When you tighten the waist trainer for the first time, you will find that you adapt to the change in size and discomfort much more quickly, as you will already be used to wearing the trainer regularly.

Once again, work your way up to wearing the trainer for longer periods and reduce the size once the trainer feels too comfortable.

This method will allow you to achieve the results you want in order to shrink your waistline and get an hourglass figure, safely and effectively!

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