Strapless Drawstring Bra – How Does It Work?

Strapless Drawstring Bra – How Does It Work?

When wearing a backless top or dress, the back of a bra showing is a major fashion faux pas. That's why you should pick a quality strapless backless bra that will stay on all night, maximise your cleavage, and help you to get the most out of your outfit. That's where our strapless drawstring bra comes in, but how exactly does it work? 

 A strapless backless bra such as ours consists of two bra cups that have a layer of adhesive and are applied directly onto the breasts, one cup at a time. Before applying, ensure you aren't wearing any moisturiser, oil, or powder on the area. Once the cups are both applied, the clasp fastens in the middle, pushing the breasts up and together. After using, hand wash in warm soapy water then rinse and air dry (don’t use a towel or it may lose it’s stickiness and don’t bleach, iron or put in the dryer), stick plastic back on each cup, repeat!

 When choosing a strapless backless bra, it is best to choose good quality rather than opt for the cheapest you can find as there are many uncomfortable ones out there that don't stick on properly. Our strapless drawstring bra is the best out there, gives you an instant lift and will stay on all night. 


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